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Hello! And welcome!


In 2009 I landed a job in two weeks using Facebook advertisements. That job search was covered by TIMEReal Simple and ABC News, and this blog was part of my campaign to work in publishing. 

Though I didn’t say it aloud, publishing appealed to me because I’d always dreamed of being a writer. The job I got at a PR firm helping authors publicize themselves wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but having a job at all during the recession was a relief.

As it turned out, the blog outlasted the job.

It came with me from publishing to the start-up world and beyond, and from England to New Zealand to San Francisco to Germany. Online marketing made intuitive sense to me, and this blog made it fun to share what I’d learned and created, and to hear from other people exploring the then-Wild West of digital communication.

Along the way, I wrote about travel and friendships and feelings and careers. And while technically the blog was still about social media, sharing and hearing these stories quickly became my favorite part. Storytelling was what made the internet—and buzzwords like “connections” and “engagement”—make sense. More than that, it’s what made me want to get up in the morning.

Sometimes I write about how my husband and I manage our money (hint: what’s mine is not his). Other times I write about my struggles with being an expat or recovering from the dark side of my high school sweetheart. Sometimes the stories are funny. Sometimes I’m trying not to get tears on my keyboard as I write.  

I love my work. I am fascinated by how our stories and our work impacts our lives—especially women’s lives. 

When I’m not writing about my feelings or running after my toddler, I work full-time. By day you’ll find me typing away as a copywriter for Marie Forleo. #dreamjob #everythingisfigureoutable

Fast Facts


I’m originally from small-town Connecticut. I love travelling, but am still hung up on the beauty of autumn in New England.


I grew up in an Italian/Puerto Rican family. If you are what you eat, I’m still half empanadilla and half meatball.


I was published Highlights for Kids when I was 11 years old. It was a poem about dragons. Alas, that particular literary masterpiece is lost to the ages.



I’m addicted to Fox’s jam biscuits.


When I was 22 I was stopped at the border when trying to enter the UK and had to spend a night at a detention facility.


Though I’m married, my daughter has my last name.

Where to next, reader?